The Black Book ~ The Darkest Grimoire Of Satanic Black Magick

Welcome to The Black Book ~ the Darkest most Unholy Grimoire Of Satanic Black Magick ever made available to the public!
My Name is Brother Kasabian – or at least that is my Ordained Infernal Name – I have had many Names in many life times, some of these Name I remember from incarnations now past, names such as Edward Forrester and Giles Davot, my Name in this life for now is unimportant.
I have struggled with the decision to bring this Grimoire out into the open, I am a Black Monk descended from the Lineage of The Black Monastery of Saint-Denis and this is a Lineage which has remained in strict secrecy founded as it is upon The Unholy See.
But in three incarnations now I have been a Scribe of this Unholy Order and I am certain now that this Grimoire must be unveiled to the World even if the secrets and long sojourn of The Black Monastery must remain hidden.
The Black Book is a Grimoire of true Dark Classical Satanism the likes of which has not been released into print before, it is founded upon the Path of Monotheistic Satanism and differs greatly from other systems of Satanic Magick.
The Lineage of the Unholy See holds secrets no doubt refuted by other Satanic Orders and obviously shocking to other Infernal Groups who in many ways have founded their belief systems either on the Atheistic writings of Anton LaVey or through the study of Black Magick books written many years ago by those who belonged to the Right Hand Path.
In short founded upon the inane writings of a man who denied the truth of Satan and forged a philosophy which is closer to Nietzschean Atheism than true Theistic Satanism or founded upon the tainted fallacies of those who honour the False God of Light!
This Grimoire is founded upon a System of Classical Unholy Satanic Philosophy and Ritual Black Magick which denies the ideas that God created all including Satan, a system which upholds Satan as the supreme Infernal Architect of Creation, denies the fall of the Angels (the Demons worked with in this Grimoire have always been so and are not cast down Angelic beings) and once which denies the usual concepts of sin and indulgence versus piety and abstinence.
The Black Book contains Dark Mysteries, Rites of the Black Arts, Infernal Sorcery and secret Satanic Occult Sciences which have long been hidden away from those uninitiated into the Satanic Fold, it also contains Black Magick Workings which are kept in the sphere of Infernal Exploratory Magick and Arcane Experimentation.
This Grimoire is my own private Work although in truth it belongs to all who become as Ordained Priests/Priestesses of the Church forged from the Lineage of The Black Monastery, but The Black Book may only have one Keeper at a time and for now that role is mine to occupy.
The Texts of The Black Book are many things . . . they are the Darkest Workings of the Unholy Sanctum, a journey into complete allegiance with Our Unholy Father and the Demons created by His hand and a sojourn through the very Gates of the Kingdom Of Hell.
I do not release the Texts of The Black Book lightly, this Volume is both a Benediction and Malediction depending on the one who takes possession of its Texts and endeavours to explore its Workings.
Embrace this Grimoire as a Gift from Satan Himself for indeed the Words have flowed from Him over the gestation of this Tome ~ The Black Book is unique and the Texts within it are the entrance to the True Mysteries of Satanic Magick!

Brother Kasabian
July 5th 2018
The Dark Cardinal Of The Unholy See

(c)copyright2018 Kasabian